Game Features:
Offline Players: 1-2
System Link: 2-32
Online Multiplayer: 1-32


Platform: X-Box
Publisher: LucasArts Entertainment
Release Date: 11.1.2005
Developer: Pandemic Studios
Genre: Action/Shooter




Star Wars Battlefront II:

And then there was space. LucasArts and Pandemic Studios unveil the sequel to Star Wars Battlefront in the form of Battlefront II this coming fall and this time around you will be blasting your way through a lot more than foot based battles. With Battlefront II you will have the opportunity to transport through space to dozens of destinations. You will be able to select from several ships including the scout, bomber, transport ship or the sure to be favorite starfighter.

Another new feature sure to please the masses is the introduction of force wielding jedi into the mix. That's right, not only will you be rampaging through the galaxy with your starfighter, but you should be able to then dock on an emeny ship, sneak up behind your foes and unleash some force choke among numerous other light and dark force powers.

With the original Battlefront flying off store shelves at a record pace for LucasArts, it was clear to most people that the announcement of Battlefront II was simply a formality. Luckily for us, that was the case. You will of course be able to experience the multiplayer games you have grown used to and love including capture the flag and deathmatch, but this time around you can expect a vast new experience via the single-player arena. Our sources tell us that Pandemic has juiced up the single player experience and we can expect a much deeper universe for the single player enthusiast this time around.

One of the most interesting aspects revealed to date includes the ability to dock inside an enemy ship and overtake the controls of the ship, shut down its shields and even toss it into a self destruct mode as you hastily make your escape. Now how cool is that?

Naturally, many of the winning elements found in the original will be found in the version II of Battlefront, including the option to switch between first and third person and the fun-behind-the-wheel type feel of the vehicle experience.

You can expect some nice improvements in player control and vehicle control as well which is sure to please all original Battlefront players and newbies alike. Either way, if Battlefront II is anything like the original, we will have a winner on our hands.

Release Date: Fall 2005



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